Euchre Strategy
The Basics:
Ten Commandments of Euchre - Harvey Lapp
An entertaining look at the basics. Major influences from Natty Bumppo and conventional wisdom.
Elements of Euchre - Harvey Lapp
The ideas laid out here might clear up some thoughts you've already come across while playing.
Leading Trump on Defense - Harvey Lapp/Natty Bumppo
A tricky subject broken down.
The K-9 Kicker - Henword / Harvey Lapp
An example of a reverse "next" bid that many players might pass up.
Natty Bumppo's Euchre Columns - Natty Bumppo
This site is packed full of valuable strategy insight.
Euchre Probabilities - Bram Kivenko
Some incredible mathematical work here.
Euchre Laboratory - Gerry Blue
At this site, you can set up a euchre scenario and test it out for yourself.
Euchre Science Group - Gerry Blue
.A discussion group of folks with a common interest; advanced euchre strategy.
The "Zone" Euchre Columns - Joe Andrews
A large assortment of scenarios here.

"What to Bid"  - Henword
Henword shares useful strategies on bidding.
Strategy Columns:
Extreme Euchre Strategy:
Basic Euchre Strategy - Harvey the Rabbit
Euchre strategy for the layman.
"Lead Black and you'll never go back"  - Henword
An interesting scenario. Additional commentary from Natty Bumppo and Harvey Lapp.
"Euchre Universe" - Perry Romanowski
A euchre blog. Entertaining and informative.

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